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Carole Baskin is suing Netflix to stop the release of Tiger King 2

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One person certainly doesn’t want the world to see what is in Tiger King 2. According to reports and lawsuit documents shared online, American cat enthusiast Carole Baskin (who has famously been accused of having a part in the disappearance of her ex-husband) has lodged legal complaints against Netflix claiming they do not have the right to use any footage of her for Part 2.

It is unclear at that if that is actually the case because the terms of the original agreement are in fact unknown to the public.

This time it actually appears that the 2nd part to the sensational series actually goes deeper into the disappearance of her former husband Don. Baskin has been a vocal critic of critics who say she probably knows something but has hidden behind her fortune and legal team for years to prevent it from becoming public fodder.



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