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Kathy Hochul ‘s Lt Gov pick might have a thieiving past, not exactly suitable for yet another major post in New York

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Newly minted Gov Kathy Hochul has made it a focal point of her new administration that problematic figures will be evidently removed. Although newly published reports appear to suggest that her pick for Lt Gov may not fall into that category — considering he has been accused of a violent past and stealing things from past female lovers.

The wild claims are actually about State Senator Brian Benjmain. Several previously published reports allege that in his past relationships Benjmain has been both violent and stole numerous items from women he’s been involved with. Notably among those items are females intimate items along with a number of alleged Chanel purses.

LGBTQ Nation reports that it is unclear if Benjamin will be subject to intense questioning over the pretty wild claims. The claims as a whole appear to have first surfaced in what is known as Love In The City a reality show that was once filmed here in New York City.



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