Erika Jayne spent $25m that was wired to her from con artist hubby Tom Girardi ‘s firm

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Shocking revelations against Erika Jayne have surfaced that paint a picture of a woman who may not have been honest. According to reports, Jayne’s financial records revealed that despite claims otherwise she was wired $25M from Tom Giradi’s firm.

A huge portion at least $14m went towards an American Express credit card bill. High additional sums also went to PR agencies; glam squads, her company, the publisher of the Los Angeles Times and THR and more.

That wire payment reportedly came from EJ Global LLC — a company which is registered to Jayne and shows that she is the only sole owner.

It’s worth noting that this is not an indication that she knew the funds were stolen — but she was definitely receiving monies from Girardi thst should’ve raised red flags.

Jayne maintains that alone mentioned on the RHOBH that she was kept away from the books even in her own company.



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