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T-Mobile confirms it was hacked but refuses to say how bad it actually was but it might have actually been pretty bad

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U.S telecom provider T-Mobile has come out on the offensive this week after it emerged that a hacking collective got ahold of parts of their server. It is understood, though in the initial stages of understanding, that an estimated 100m people were victims of the hack that saw personal information and more allegedly stolen. While unconfirmed by T-Mobile, the hacking group appears to have confirmed just how many customers they got ahold of.

Initially, Vice Magazine managed to get their hands on a piece of information that led them to an underground forum used by a yet to be identified hacking colleective. On that forum (seen by Daily News America) T-Mobile ‘s server information is actually available though in limited circumstances. We were unable to immediately see account information for the alleged victims they managed to reportedly gain from the hack.



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