Taliban insurgents have entirely almost taken control of Afghanistan

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Like all things apparently in life even countries sometimes fall to their enemy. On Sunday, it emerged that Taliban insurgents had managed to further secure their footing enough to get to Kabul. As a result of their widespread pillage of the area, the Afghan government has since stepped down and agreed to hold talks in regards to a transfer of power.

According to our UK sister site, the talks are in the early stages of power sharing deals though it is unclear exactly what is set to happen. Late Saturday evening — the country’s embattled President reportedly fled the region against the backdrop of the insurgents.

Despite their quest across Afghanistan, the militants claim that they want peace with the west. According to Newsweek, militants and their spokesperson(s) have since come out with statements claiming that they intend to harm no western citizens. Those particular comments came at the head of a discussion about whether or not diplomats would be safe in the area. Their spokesperson Mr. Shaheen told the BBC that they at least so they say fully intend to cooperate with the West.

“It will be a new chapter in co-operation,” Shaheen, part of the Taliban‘s negotiating team, told BBC News. “They [the U.S.] can participate. We want good relations with the United States.”



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