The Biden administration is moving COVID funds to try and help the situation at the Mexico-U.S border

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Bloomberg is out this week with a report probably set to upset people who don’t like the “problem” at the border orchestrated by conservatives. According to the report, the Biden WH is set to move $800m+ in COVID relief funds to the situation at the border in an effort to mitigate efforts to house migrant young people.

HHS Xaiver Becerra confirmed in a letter to Congress this week that the HHS designated funds would be moved instead to the children’s programme at the border to help with housing costs. It is unclear exactly who triggered the move though it is almost inevitably set to become a politically hot issue.

Most of the money will go towards the program meant for children; beefing up intake shelters, and allowing officials to ensure proper measures are being taken at the border to ensure health safety.



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