Thu. Oct 28th, 2021
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While not known as Thrive NYC anymore — it is unclear if the program will actually keep track of money this time. According to the fiscal spending budget for 2022, the office now responsible for manning what was ThriveNYC scored more than $320m in funding via taxpayer monies. Particularly the funding gives the program’s so called Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division a $96m boost.

That division is the hopes of the city to wind down overall NYPD response to non-violent phone calls particularly those that involve mentally ill people. The move of course comes against the backdrop and discovery that police response(s) to these types of calls don’t always end well.

The funding also doubles the number of “street teams” if you will that are meant to respond to those in need; those experiencing crises, and those with a history of mental health problems and crime.

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