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Report: The NYT sat on that Scott Rudin expose over fear it would lose hefty advertising payday

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A bombshell new report by the Hollywood Reporter is painting a bleak picture of life behind the New York Times. According to the bombshell report, the NYT allegedly sat on what would become of its expose on none other than Hollywood mega-producer Scott Rudin. Rudin for those that weren’t aware was at one point one of the Times’ biggest advertising beneficiaries to the tune of more than $3m.

The Times of course vehemently denies that it sat on the story though it is understood that they allegedly had the story several months before it was actually known. Rudin ‘s story would become public knowledge later thanks in part to The Hollywood Reporter who decided to publish it themselves.

As it stands the Times is believed to have sat on the story for more than a year because of concerns over advertising. Rudin for some time had been spending upwards of $3m a year in their Arts and Leisure section though that was not previously disclosed to the public.



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