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In the Texas area? Here’s how to stop your utility company from remotely altering your thermostat

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Editors Note: This is not an article but rather a how-to guide on how to stop the energy company in Texas from remotely altering your thermostat. According to the energy company, thermostats are being remotely altered by an agreement customers would have agreed to so that they can be enrolled in a rewards program.

This guide applies to people in the San Antonio area and the vicinity.

Customers can sign onto their online accounts per the respective website and locate the account section that would identify which rewards program they are enrolled in. One reader in the area confirmed that the rewards program in fact goes by various names (it may be best to call if you’re having a bit of trouble identifying which one.)

Customers can in fact opt out entirely of the program but consumers should be aware that by doing so they’re forfeiting any current and future rewards meant for their account plus a chance at $5,000 towards one’s bill. It is unclear why such a program is linked to the ability to alter thermostats without express consent as such is being done.



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