Emory University has apologized for rejecting a student based on their race

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Some 60 freaking years after their racist rejection — Emory University is finally owning up to its part in segregated education standards. The coveted school which has hosted numerous prolific names throughout its time has since come out apologizing for rejecting a Black man based on his race because he wanted to go to medical school in the 20th century.

“As a university, acknowledging our past is a necessary step toward an empowered future,” said Carolyn Meltzer, the School of Medicine’s executive associate dean for faculty academic advancement, leadership and inclusion, in a statement. “Our conversations with Dr. Hood have solidified the School of Medicine’s commitment to accountability, in alignment with the university’s strategic goals for a more inclusive Emory.”

The man, Marion Gerald Hood, spoke at the University on Thursday as part of the school’s Juneteenth event acknowledging its past.



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