Special Master appointed in case against Rudy Giuliani as case heats up

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Rudy Giuliani likely won’t like this news. According to reports, a special master has been identified as a lead on his case to help investigate evidence obtained through warrants.

The news also comes against the announcement that the investigation into the Trump family including Trump has become criminal. A while back, Giuliani ‘s New York apartment was rated by federal authorities in their ongoing quest to discover information related to allegations of a number of offenses related to Trump ‘s time in office.

According to what we learned, the way a special master works is that they will decide ultimately what pieces of evidence seized can and cannot be used in the case against Rudy. Rudy ‘s lawyers are likely to push for any evidence involving Trump to be dismissed from the case although that is unlikely to happen.

A focal point of interest is Rudy ‘s work with foreign governments and agents.

Work that authorities maintain they did not know about and that he did not register for. Court documents in the case show that Rudy is alleged to have failed to register as a foreign agent in connection with his close work with several prolific Ukrainian’s.



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