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Medicare scams are on the rise, consumers should be careful with their private information

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Private information scams are on the rise. This is not really a news article but a public safety advisory for everyone. A series of social security; medicare, and practically every other possible type of scam(s) are going around.

This week Medicare scams pandemic related emerged for the first time. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, people are using the guise of COVID-19 tests to gain access to the Medicare identification number found on people’s actual health cards. From there officials say that the scammers are billing those numbers for thousands of dollars for expensive things like unnecessary genetic testing.

Patients hardly if ever reportedly knew. Similar scams are surfacing about social security; food related benefits, and other popular programs that many Americans are depending on right now against the backdrop of the pandemic. A popular cell phone scam involving particularly social security is going around whereas callers claim to be some form of investigative officer for social security’s criminal division — when in reality they’re actually not.

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