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Staff at Wuhan lab allegedly got sick earlier than world knew, leading to questions over the origins of COVID-19

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In another major setback for China in its efforts to dispel rumours that it is responsible for COVID-19, a new intel report paints a bleak picture otherwise.

According to the Associated Press, a new intel report out this week revealed that staff at the alleged Wuhan lab (where it has long been rumoured that COVID may have originated from) actually got sick dating back as far as November 2019. The new report comes from a previously undisclosed report provided to the Wall Street Journal — which confirmed that the health officials came down with severe COVID like symptoms (but the report falls short of saying COVID outright.)

You can view a non paywall story about this report by clicking here.

Though intel officials are warning that the origins may never be fully known even against the backdrop(s) of very real claims that the virus may have come from mankind rather than mother nature.

U.S officials during the Trump era tried to downplay the origins of the virus considering Trump has and had during his Presidency financial connections to the country that would’ve been gravely harmed had the truth come out.



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