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PA DA pleads guilty to raping 5 women INSIDE of his office in a stunning revelation

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A PA DA this week is facing some very serious charges after revelations that he used his official title; office, and capacity to sexually abuse and rape multiple women while at work. Chad Michael Salsman, 44, faces multiple charges of sexual abuse and witness intimidation into a years long scheme that alleges he would abuse women over time.

Prosecutors allege the prosecutor would force his secretary to play music or use a white noise machine to conceal the noise of women shrieking from his office. Multiple women in the complaint stated that Salsman would force himself on them; touch them without consent, and on multiple occasions for them into sexual offers they did not want.

As a condition of his plea, Salsman has resigned as DA in the area but will face upwards of 11 years in state prison and $25,000 in fines. As it turns out, Salsman was actually charged in February after having been found to have abused women on child and criminal custody cases.



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