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NYC is set to fully reopen on 1 July

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The troubled city of New York is finally expected to shine bright once again on 1 July. According to Mayor De Blasio, the city including businesses can fully re-open at full capacity beginning on the ear marked day. It is unclear if that will still mean that masks and such are required, but, businesses likely will still require them for some time. The announcement was met with cheers online as many are looking forward to the ceremonial summer celebrations in New York City.

De Blasio is banking on the fact that millions of New Yorkers have turned up so far to get vaccinated helping along the city ‘s response to COVID-19. The local government though is hoping that more will line up to get their jabs, otherwise, the rollout may be stalled come summer time.

The news comes as other areas including other countries are facing surges in cases despite their attempts to get vaccinated.



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