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Biden ‘s hopes are very ambitious, and they also include calls for major police reforms

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Biden ‘s first address to Congress is complete and it is by far the largest and most ambitious plan put forth by a President probably and likely ever. The historic address, which included two women behind the podium for the first time, saw Biden address plans for his massive infrastructure bill and an additional $1.8T American Families Plan. The latter being an important part of his plans that he says are critical to the future of America — but Republicans are already pouncing.

In the address, Biden mentioned that he’d like to push green initiatives to help the economy for years to come; childcare initiatives, tax incentives and breaks for low and middle class income Americans and more.

Biden also made the case for more Americans to get vaccinated although not many are anymore. The latest numbers show that vaccinations are slipping as many aren’t going back for their second dose while others aren’t going at all. In the same plans and address, Biden claimed he fully supports plans for major police reforms amid a growing number of state sponsored murders against Black people by police officers.



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