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A Florida teen has confessed to following a Mother and daughter home; climbing through their window while they slept, and then murdering them

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In Florida almost anything is possible so long as it takes place between the borders of the state. On Monday, a 19-year-old Florida teen by the name of Sage Curry was arrested and charged with two counts of first degree murder and burglary after he followed a woman and her daughter home and then killed them. Prosecutors say that Curry reportedly found the two walking along a local street before discreetly following them home; entering their home through a window while they slept, and then using a butcher knife from their kitchen to hack them to death.

Tampa area police confirmed this week also that they believe that the killings were random and not particularly targeted with no known association between Curry and the woman.  Police were called to a home on 8th Avenue NW in Largo just before 2am on Monday where they found the two bodies of the women who have not been named by law. In Florida, police are barred from naming victim’s of violent crime under Marsy ‘s law so long as a family requests such to happen.



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