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A judge has thrown out an argument that Ghislaine Maxwell ‘s charges should be dismissed

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Truth be told Ghislaine Maxwell likely will never get out of prison unless she is sprung from prison in the style of a 1980 ‘s prison break in an action movie. Over the weekend, Maxwell ‘s defense attorneys were back in court again attempting to argue that Maxwell ‘s charges should be blatantly outright dismissed. Defense attorneys are allegedly arguing that a non-prosecution deal that was awarded to Epstein should also cover Maxwell — though a judge has rejected that claim entirely.

Though it is set to get pretty worse for Maxwell. The same judge presiding over the case ruled that Maxwell can be prosecuted separately for an apparent case of perjury something her defense team had desperately tried to get thrown out. Judge Allison Nathan pretty much sealed her fate with the following line in her ruling.

The judge also rejected arguments that the charges had to be dismissed “because of the possibility of missing witnesses, failing memories, or lost records”.



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