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BLM co-founder went on a million-dollar real estate binge, raising ethical questions about where the money is actually going

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A series of real estate purchases on behalf of a BLM co-founder has raised a series of ethical questions about where her money is actually going and where she claims it is going. First unearthed by the New York Post, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37 reportedly went on a high-end binge across the U.S as several major protests broke out over the mistreatment of Black Americans in the country.

But that did not stop her from living large on the dime of protest funds.

It is not known that Patrisse has commented on the revelations at this time though many are demanding an inquiry into how the group is actually spending millions in funds raised. It’s an interesting inquiry to say the least considering Patrisse is essentially living large on the back of protests and a movement that was originally meant to help the Black community succeed — but instead it is enriching her own pockets on an enormous level.

Reports also indicate that Patrisse is eyeing even more property in an exclusive area of the Bahamas where both Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods have ultra-exclusive homes.



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