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Report: Trump campaign defrauded donors out of nearly $122m in fraudulent charges on their credit cards

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A wild story in the New York Times is out today that appears to confirm suspicions that the Trump re-election campaign was a doozy at best. According the Times, the Trump campaign defrauded people out of more than $122m in charges that they were not aware were headed for their credit cards.

Of course many are wondering how that would happen but it looks like it’s a case of removing the fine print; setting boxes to be automatically checked, and of course making it almost virtually impossible to read the fine print entirely (even if one did read it.)

Trump ‘s campaign and a company called Winred teamed up together to process donations to Trump rather than the Republican party. The problem is that people were charged multiple times and even multiple times a week. Only the problem, however, is that many of those charges that came back to back every week were unknown to customers until bills started piling up.

 A Trump spokesman, Jason Miller, said formal credit card disputes showed few complaints of fraud, per the Hill. “The fact we had a dispute rate of less than 1% of total donations despite raising more grass-roots money than any campaign in history is remarkable,” Miller said



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