Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
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Miami ‘s mysterious city commission is set to probably make a big change to the way nightlife works in the iconic city. According to local officials, a 27 April meeting is poised to help determine whether or not the infamous 5am last call (that’s a reference to buying booze usually) should be lowered to 2am rather than remain at 5am.

Of course several including some of the areas’ most prominent faces in nightlife have called foul. It would be yet another restriction on an already restrictive world in which we live in. Miami has been ransacked as of late due to extreme partying and a wave of crime though much of that doesn’t entirely appear to be related to spring-breakers

In other news, people who support lowering the last call to 2am are also calling for a 10pm curfew for the foreseeable future..

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