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Matt Gaetz ‘s problems are probably far worse than publicly known but they’re astoundingly sleazy

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The Matt Gaetz saga is one part sleaze ball two parts reads like a night out at almost any white-dominated party in New York City involving MDMA and other drugs. As much as that sounds like a joke, it isn’t because GaetzGate now involves sex; drugs, and a litany of allegations that may very well land Gaetz behind bars. Despite how Republicans will inevitably spin it; attempt to mention Hunter Biden and probably name drop Obama a few times — it is and has well been established that Gaetz is under federal investigation.

This is where it gets pretty bad from here on. In typical GOP fashion, Matt has denied the allegations in full in a statement sent to Axios but then spun it as if he were apparently a victim of a wide-casted extortion attempt. In several interviews and spots since then, Gaetz has maintained that he and his family were/are the subjects of a $25m extortion attempt by a former DOJ official.

As it turns out though, that claim is at least partially true. Dubbed “Project Homecoming” The Daily Beast obtained documents that appear to confirm part of that claim in itself. In the documents, it is exposed that Don Gaetz (his father) was the subject of an alleged extortion attempt after an unknown party had obtained the very images and text messages Gaetz had kept secret.

Like most of the time when these scandals break people tend to jump ship if things are truly bad. As Politico reported over the weekend, Gaetz ‘s communications director fled amid claims that the investigation against him was heating up. In fact, said director may not be the only one headed out the door against the backdrop of the criminal investigation.



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