Kim Kardashian confirms being called a white supremacist is what ended her marriage (among other things)

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Kim Kardashian ‘s marriage drama is finally over but that doesn’t mean everything is known already. Last night, the second episode in the family ‘s final season of their reality show aired. In the episode, viewers got ahold of what they had been eager for.


In the episode, Kim admits that the real reason she got pushed over the edge enough to end her marriage was in fact the idea that Kanye had repeatedly made abortion comments about North. But it gets far worse than that honestly.

Then came the comments and claims that Kim and her mother Kris were actually white supremacists in disguise.

Beginning last summer, Kanye ‘s mental health began taking an even bigger tumble amid reports that he openly disclosed that Kim had thought about aborting her daughter North. Apparently that was the beginning of the end in reality T.V ‘s biggest demise.



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