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Arkansas has signed a bill allowing doctors to refuse service on religious grounds

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Arkansas Gov Hutchinson is making headlines today for a ransacked signing of a bill that now permits doctors and healthcare providers to refuse service based on religious or moral grounds. The enforcement of the bill remains uncertain though Hutchinson seems blind to the idea that many will abuse such a bill for their own personal beliefs.

‘I support this right of conscience so long as emergency care is exempted and conscience objection cannot be used to deny general health service to any class of people,’ Hutchinson said in a statement released by his office. ‘Most importantly, the federal laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, and national origin continue to apply to the delivery of health care services.’

The bill allegedly exempts emergency care and general classes of people thus must not disregard the law. Though even though federal law was mentioned by Hutchinson during the signing — it’s worth noting that federal law does not quite fully protect LGBTQ+ people just yet.

In other gay related news, several states are banning trans-athletes from participating in women’s sports. The blockages are being challenged in court as widely expected.



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