New York is poised to legalise weed here’s what you need to know

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Legal pot may finally be coming to New York but there are still more questions than answers. According to the latest budget proposals on deck for New York, New York lawmakers have struck a deal to legalise marijuana in the state. Let’s make that clear somebody had to make a concession likely with a bizarre consequence attached to legalise something that should’ve been legalised all along.

Now lawmakers are poised to bring pot to the state mostly because of the yet to be revealed concession and the fact they’ve figured out how to quickly assemble a team to tax it. The Post reports that the bill was sponsored by Manhattan Senator  Liz Krueger. Krueger told the WSJ that it has been a long time in the making — but the government must be able to profit from it before it becomes legal.

“I think that will give us a head start on a good program, because we were able to watch what other states went through and hopefully come up with something that addresses the problems,” she told the Wall Street Journal.

The legalisation is expected to bring in nearly $300m a year in revenue for New York. Though it will also allow people to grow their own stuff at home though again they’ll have to go through Cuomo ‘s mighty-morphin power rangers first.



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