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A 4 step guide to apps and services to help you naviage the new world safely

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Let’s face it even when “normal” comes back it won’t ever be the same like it was before. We’re adjusting to it just like everyone else and now we’ve compiled a fun guide to help people navigate the new world safely — without having to touch anything you probably shouldn’t be touching anyway given the times we now live in.

  1. Touchless pay

This one is very common. If you have any form of a smartphone or maybe decided to invest in one as the pandemic went on — chances are you are familiar with this one. It is very safe to use your phone to pay and is in no way really different from using the bank. It also means that you can pay without touching anything and quickly move along on your way.

2. Doordash (We don’t recommend using Uber)

Doordash is quick and essential for sick kits; snacks, food, anything from places like CVD and of course dinner. Drivers c can leave it on your door and you can tip in app. Absolutely no contact required.

3. Target.com app and “Shipt”

Shipt coupled with the Target app absolutely a must have for anyone. Lines at Target these days can be absolutely longer than one you would find at a concert hall. Shipt costs roughly $99 a year and offers free Target delivery. You can sign up for Shipt through your Target.com profile. Shipping applies to orders over $35 which most people will easily cross — because there aren’t many people who go in for one thing and don’t come out with 20 different things.

4. If you’re a metro system rider in most cities you can turn on “Express Transit” in your phone.

Express transit cards are digital transit cards that are automatically on your iPhone for example by default. The transit card can be automatically enabled so instead of having to stop and swipe; touch any handle bars any where, or stop at a ticket machine — your phone can swiftly act like your metro card. Given that metro stations are typically full of germs — this one is highly recommended.



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