Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting a baby girl

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It’s a girl… completing their perfect family. According to Bazaar Daily UK (who apparently gleefully spent their night waiting for this interview to air in America) the couple has announced their baby news. Our British sister site reports that the couple confirmed to Oprah Winfrey that they’re expecting a sister for Archie.

Of course the couple also confirmed that no they’re not planning on having anymore children.

But that wasn’t all. The site also reports that the royal family apparently questioned Harry over the idea that his son could come out a tad darker than they expected — a claim that has set off a firestorm around the world. Racism within the royal family is nothing new perhaps, er, as it is quite literally how they helped conquer half of the world.

It is unclear if the palace has responded yet or is seething somewhere in their dozens of rooms.



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