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NC woman busted for going on wild shopping spree using Coronavirus relief funds

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Yet another person has learned the hard way that Coronavirus relief funds aren’t quite funds meant for luxurious shopping sprees. According to federal prosecutors, a North Carolina woman identified as Jasmine Johnnae Clifton, 24,  has been indicated on federal fraud charges related to misuse of the funds.

Officials say that Clifton applied for PPP loans last August for a business that had long been dissolved. Clifton falsely claimed that an online boutique she had previously ran was still functioning and had an income of more than $350,000. The problem is that the business had been dissolved months prior.

Clinton is now facing up wards of 30 years on two different charges each. Official reports show that if convicted if she will also face more than $1.2m in fines and is presently out on $25,000 bail.



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