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Murder-suicides are on the rise in America, innocent children are dying because of it

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SANDY SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA — Troubling news again this week as yet another murder-suicide is plaguing American headlines. Police in Sandy Springs have identified a case of a murder suicide involving a man who killed both of his daughters and then himself.

Police have identified that individual as David Kaser, who they say, was in fact on the phone with his wife when the trigger was pulled.

According to investigators, they received a call shortly after 1pm from within the area from the girl’s mother who was at work at the time of the murders. The young women were identified as  Clarissa Kaser, 19, and Crystal ‘Grey’ Kaser, 14. according to official reports.

Kaser is believed to have suffered health issues in the past also having been the subject of a domestic violence call in 2017.

These murders come just two weeks after a previously reported triple murder-suicide in the same town involving Phillip Daniel Stephen Ross. Ross also killed all of his children including himself. In that incident — the children were identified as Anastacia ‘Staci’ Lynn Smith, 41; River Gale Ross, 4; and Piper Ann Ross, 2 all of which died from being violently stabbed to death by their father.



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