Will the end of the death penalty finally come?

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Just over a week into Biden ‘s administration many are wondering where Biden stands with the death penalty. For centuries the death penalty has stood as the ultimate sign of punishment, thus, the thought of such has changed as times have progressed. While under no means is the ordinary person arguing for the release of *real* criminals — many still feel the death penalty should be taken away.

This is where Biden may come in. The renewed argument against the death penalty came just as the previous Trump Administration carried out more federal executions than a President had in decades. Executions that at times had been challenged thus those were ignored, but, innocent lives may have been lost.

Of course the argument against the death penalty is widespread regardless of ethnic makeup or identity. Thus, a huge ignition behind the movement to end it sits within the fact that Black people or (BIPOC) make up an unfair number of people that have been sentenced to death (sometimes even fund to be innocent whether before or after the fact.)



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