Trump pardoned Bannon, here’s what that likely means for 2024

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Unless by the grace of justice Donald Trump answers for his crimes against humanity — Donald Trump likely can be expected to attempt to run again. According to the Huffington Post, one particular name on his long list of pardons is making headlines, Per the list, Trump pardoned none other than longtime ally and white-supremacist (and infamous fraudster at that) Steve Bannon.

The significance around a Bannon pardon indicates that Trump may believe that at some point in the near future Bannon will be of use. Despite his criminal shortcomings, Bannon remains very well connected even to some of the very folks known to wield “dark money” in politics. Bannon previously was the publisher of Breitbart before resigning; a member of Trump ‘s administration and then not, and was preparing to stand trial for fraud.

In 2020, Bannon notably bilked Trump supporters out of millions of dollars for part of the infamous wall project that didn’t happen. It was later revealed that those funds would be used for a wide-variety of reasons as noted in the tiny-font Terms of Service on the project website.



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