The shocking history of the 1918 pandemic that killed 50m people

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In case the United States has not learned anything, history has a way of repeating itself and we’re seeing it again right now with none other than the Coronavirus pandemic. According to, the 1918 Spanish Flu reportedly killed more than 50m people and infected more than 500m people worldwide. The pandemic lasted roughly a year but almost two and spanned four different deadly waves. Part of the reason why this pandemic was so deadly is because it like the current pandemic suffered mutated versions of the original virus.

The “Flu” at the time first appeared during March of that year and quickly spread around the world due to the wartime travel of troops who were unknown to the virus. So unknown that allot of them were unaware they even had it. By the time the intial round of troops had gotten to Europe late that summer, it by all means, was already to late in any efforts to stop the virus initially.

Weirdly enough, because of wartime press rules in European countries and the U.S journalists weren’t allowed to cover things that could have otherwise harmed war efforts. This perhaps is why Spain actually covered the virus thus lending the idea to where the name for the flu actually comes from.



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