A radio signal has been detected in Space: Report

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A new radio signal, according to astronomers, has been detected in space sparking the latest hunt to determine who or what caused it. According to reports, the radio signal was found to have come from or near the star of Proxima Centauri some 4.2 light years from the Sun/us here on earth. The discovery is pretty usual for the researchers at the Breakthrough Listening Project, however, the discoveries usually spark investigations to determine who or what is making the sound. Optimism is high this time around (this has happened before) but scientists are still cautioning the latest discovery of signals. This particular one is believed to have been about 980mhz.

They’re calling it the first real candidate since the Wow! signal years ago that sparked initial findings that led to the belief that somewhere out there intelligent life likely exists. The project reports that they’re leading the charge to find signs of life up there despite calls that irritating whatever is up there could lead to problems for those on earth.



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