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Reality? It might be settling in for one Dianne Feinstein

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After a horrid 2020 and a laundry list of political failures — Feinstein ‘s future in politics may be coming to an end. In a bombshell story in the New Yorker, Jane Meyer sets out on course in great detail at that on how Feinstein ‘s abilities are declining. In the shocking story, well placed sources tell of a behind-the-scenes Feinstein who often has no idea what she’s doing because she simply can’t remember what she did 10 minutes before any given time.

Mayer also elaborates on the issue within Dianne ‘s own inner circle. Staffers often have been forced to continually repeat themselves because she can never recall important things throughout the day.

It isn’t an ageist thing but a reality thing. Washington D.C has become a retirement home for the elderly. There are few and far between young and fresh faces in D.C — and that is in part a section of the issue in America.



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