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Dems have passed the defence bill but it is unclear how far it will go

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On Tuesday Democratic lawmakers announced that a stop-gap major spending bill aimed at the defense industry and military had been passed. That bill totals more than $700B but does not include some of the provisions sought by Republicans to further their agenda. Those provisions included denying politicians the right to change the names of bases that are named after racist slaveholders, and, particularly the mass rebuking of section 230.

It is called the National Defence Authorisation Act.

For those that are unaware, Section 230 is a portion of the Commuications Decency Act. While the bill passed in the House with a veto proof majority, it is unclear how it will survive in the Republican led Senate. According to the New York Post, some Republicans are on edge and may or may not side with the President to prevent a Democratic charged veto.

The bill also includes pay raises for troops; modern upgrades to equipment, and other related things. Notably in the bill, it also includes provisions that would limit how much money Trump can move around for his infamous border wall along the U.S/Mexico border.



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