New report appears to suggest U.S government may have figured out long ago that UFO ‘s are indeed real

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Yet another stunning report somewhere in the dark realm that has been 2020 has emerged. Earlier this year, reports emerged by way of DoD declassified photos and videos that UFO ‘s or (UAP, unidentified aerial you get the gist here) may in fact be real. The revelation set off whispers nationwide that the government may have long already came into contact with such unidentified species.

The same whispers are now making headlines once more amid the publication of a report that appears to suggest they’ve known all along. According to a stunning report by TheDebrief (click here), they claim they’ve obtained substantial and photographic evidence that the American government has already come into verified contact with aerial objects that did not originate on earth.

A series of e-mails; well placed sources, and a variant of other things appear to have unraveled an even further deepening mystery revolving around the existence of UAP ‘s and UFOs. As our sister siste Bazaar Daily News (UK) has noted in their extensive coverage on this topic —- it is almost inevitable that aliens exist we just haven’t figured out in what form yet.

TheDeBrief found that a series of e-mails and communications between a ton of government officials revealed a number of document exchanges and the like. Some of those exchanges (while classified) others were not. Of those that weren’t, er, it appears that the U.S may have a strong and inevitable sense of photographic evidence that such objects exist.

One part of the report even mentions waterborne associations with UAP, perhaps, indicating that the government may not just be focusing on UAP ‘s from above us but rather also likely below us.



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