Casey Goodson Jr, 23, an unarmed Black man in Columbus was gunned down by police
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Casey Goodson Jr, 23, an unarmed Black man in Columbus was gunned down by police

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Yet another unarmed innocent Black man has died at the hands of police. According to reports, police in suburban Ohio are making headlines this week as it has emerged that they killed Casey Goodson Jr, 23, who they falsely claimed was waving a gun when he was actually returning from the dentist carrying a sandwhich.

The shooter has been identified as Columbus officer Jason Meade, a reported 17 year veteran of the local police department. An investigation is underway, however, U.S Marshal ‘s and officers are attempting to claim it was justified.

Goodson was apparently falsely mistaken for a suspect they were working for even so the U.S Marshal Service subsequently confirmed that Columbus police should not have killed Goodson. Officials noted on Tuesday that Goodson was not even close to the person they were looking for. The reports on whether or not Goodson was actually carrying a gun are conflicting, because, there are several people who have told multiple outlets that he was carrying a sandwhich.

To make matters worse — Goodson ‘s family confirmed to local news outlets that whether or not he was or had a gun on him isn’t the problem. That’s because he at the time had been registered by law with a concealed carry permit.

The shooting reportedly took place just outside of his residence on Estate Place. His sister on Facebook also appeared to confirm that he was holding his keys; a Subway sandwhich, and had hsi COVID mask on after arriving home — there was no gun.

Illinois law states: allows individuals in possession of a concealed carry license in the State of Illinois to: a. keep or carry a loaded or unloaded concealed handgun on or about his or her person within a vehicle.



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