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Morning Mix: Earth and a black hole? and more

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This edition of Morning Mix on Sunday December 6th is finally ready. We;re bringing you another jam-packed morning of headlines condensed into one article that you might’ve missed from the weekend and more. It’s been a busy week in America.

  1. Planet earth is allegedly barreling towards a black hole according to a new map of the milky way and the galaxy.

According to this map, the galaxy we call home is now more detailed and readily available to humans than ever before. However, in the same map, it is also apparent that we may be barreling towards a black hole at breakneck speed.

2. An infectious disease doctor is now warning people that COVID-19 could cause erectile dysfunction.

According to infectious disease doctor Dr Drena Grayson, COVID-19 might have far more side-effects or consequences than understand. Grayson publicly noted over the weekend that some men might experience erectile dysfunction if the virus takes hold in their bodies. It is unclear how or at what stage this would happen — but it is considered one of the many new potential consequences.

3. We’re getting dangerously close to finding out the truth about life on earth and it likely doesn’t start with the bible.

An item that traveled more than 3bn miles into space to capture fragments of an asteroid has now returned to earth after a 6 year journey. The fragments are believed to contain information (once studied) that could very likely tell us further information about the origins of human life on earth. It landed in Australia early Sunday morning and is in possession of Japanese space professionals.

That’s all in this fairly short Morning Mix for Sunday. Be blessed and warm friends.



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