Morning Mix: Marijuana might be decriminalized; Guiliani ‘s brazen lie, and more
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Morning Mix: Marijuana might be decriminalized; Guiliani ‘s brazen lie, and more

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It’s time for your morning mix. Grab your coffee; and your cat and settle in. In this edition of Morning Mix there might be some things that might not be suitable for all audiences due to their violent nature.

This edition of Morning Mix is brought to you by Skye PR & Media.

  1. The U.S House of Representatives has made a bold move likely to spark much interest from others.

Yesterday, the House passed a bill that would (and we mean this literally) decriminalise marijuana on a federal level for good. The bill would also expunge records for those who have been arrested for such charges. This is one of many reasons why the fight for the Senate is absolutely of the utmost importance. With a majority in the Senate, the Democrats could pass the bill leading to life-changing events for thousands of people. The majority in the Senate hangs in the balance of the results awaiting in Georgia.

2. Crackpot lawyer Rudy Giuliani is now claiming that Trump does not have to go through the courts to overturn the election.

We’re not experts here but that sounds like a thinly veiled reference to a coup. In a new interview, Trump ‘s personal henchman confirmed that they were apparently toying with the idea of going beyond the courts. The move comes as a series of court battles have been lost at Trump ‘s discourse.

3. NYC ‘s violence is getting worse, reportedly up by 96% this year.

There’s this thing going on in New York City and it is violent. Almost daily these days someone is getting robbed; shot, gunned down, or outright trampled. This does not include the people going around pushing each other onto the subway tracks. A friendly piece of advice — if you or your youngsters are also in New York City please remain vigilant while out and about. It could happen to anyone.

4. The Bay Area is now under lockdown

As the weekend kicked off, it became public knowledge that the Bay Area is now under lockdown. Local officials ordered the lockdown on Friday just days after Los Angeles did. Per officials — all 8.5m residents are ordered to stay inside unless it is essential. This comes amid a rise in COVID cases in the area similar to Los Angeles.

5. The first major snowstorm of the season is set to blanket the northeast this weekend

According to the National Weather Service, the first major snowstorm of the season is headed for states like Maine and more. The following states are on the list: New England—including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine. Residents can expect heavy snow; rain, possible ice, and other expected conditions. *burr* bundle up folks!



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