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Morning Mix: UK readies vaccine; Trump’s latest legal threat, and…. more

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It’s time for the morning mix, grab your coffee and settle in. It’s Wednesday December 2nd and there are quite a few developments since last night going around in the world. Donald Trump has made a very serious legal threat that could have even further implications; Pfizer has a success, and more. This Morning Mix is brought to you by Crown Talent, a sub-division of Daily News America.

  1. Donald Trump is now threatening to veto a very important bill unless a certain section is dismantled.

It seems Donald Trump is spending his final days in office in hopes that section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is indefinitely dismantled. While he appears to be unable to make any real headway with that particular feat, he, has since threatened to veto a defence act unless lawmakers scrap it all together. For those wondering, it would open social media and tech sites up to further moderation and stricter rules — simply because crazy people would be able to sue them for any old thing at that point.

2. Drugmaker Pfizer officially has the greenlight in the U.K.

According to our overseas partner Daily News U.K, Pfizer has received government approval for their official vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. Per officials and reports, the vaccine is set to begin rolling out next week and will feature two doses. However, at this time, it must be noted that according to those same officials the U.K only has enough vaccines to vaccinate about 1/3 of its population at this time.

3. HBO ‘s The Undoing has fans begging for more.

The dramatic murdery-mystery-who-dun-it is one for the books. The mega mini series ended this week with its season finale that had fans shocked that they were wrong all along. Turns out, Jonathan Fraser did indeed kill Elena Alves all along. Many are now wondering whether or not there will be a 2nd season, some of which, appears to have the blessing of the woman who wrote the book the series is based on to begin with.

4. The WH ‘s Christmas Parties

Apparently — the White House is gunning to ensure that there are as many maskless guests in the White House as possible. According to reports, the White House is scheduled to host multiple parties a day up until Christmas and in typical Trump fashion guests aren’t required to wear masks.



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