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More on the reported possible murder of Alexis Sharkey, 26, an influencer left for dead in Houston

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Alexis Sharkey is pictured / Facebook

While an autopsy is still pending — Sharkey ‘s family has revealed a number of lurid details that make it clear something was certainly wrong.

According to multiple reports, Sharkey, 26, recently divorced a man who was almost twice her age. Reports show that that man has been identified as Tom. They reportedly married last year but had been having severe marital issues ever since.

Sharkey ‘s naked body was found on the side of a popular road in Houston.

According to, Tom has made it clear to police that he doesn’t have anything to do with the perceived murder although something is suspect.

Friends revealed to the outlet that Sharkey had just no less than two weeks ago revealed she was petrified for her life. Something in her life or rather someone reportedly had her terrified to roam around alone. Some do believe that she was referencing her mysterious now widow Tom.

Multiple reports suggest that Tom was the first to report her missing to her parents.



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