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SCOTUS is slated to hear a case on whether or not Trump can exclude undocumented immigrants from the census

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Because everybody seems to be forgetting that the census is technically written into the constitution — the very same document that GOPers tend to cherrypick. According to SCOTUS ‘s latest schedule, they’re set to hear yet another controversial Trumpian case that hopes to allow Trump to illegally bar so-called undocumented persons from the census.

The singular problem with this idea here is the following. The constitution explicitly lays out that a decennial count of every person in the U.S must take place that includes so-called undocumented persons. The Trump Administration has spent for years trying to downplay their existence, but, continuously has had to be reminded of the existence of their mention in the U.S constitution.

One of the other issues that Trump is gunning to have stopped is the fact that there is in fact no legal requirement that the Census Bureau actually ask a person about their citizenship. I recall earlier this year when a bureau worker visited my apartment in New York City they did not actually ask if I was a citizen but rather a small series of questions and quickly went about their afternoon.



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