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That now infamous (“monolith”) in Utah and the same one that appeared in Seattle

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Turns out — the weird monolith ‘s suddenly popping up in the United States have abruptly popped up before. According to reports, some 20 years ago a similar triangular shaped monolith appeared in Seattle Washington but it was not placed by locals or the government. Fast forward 20 years — the same monolith has now appeared in Utah.

It first appeared last Wednesday. Now — officials are confirming that the monolith has disappeared leaving behind only a strange triangular shaped object that many are likening to a message from aliens. Discrepencies are now surfacing in what it actually was ranging from a so called art installation to an apparent monolith to a random object placed by an alien affiiciando.

The New York Times was out Sunday with an article claiming that the piece was part of an art installation by none other than a Mr. McCracken. The problem with this claim is that internet slueths appear to have found that the installation was placed in 2016 —- well after the death of the beloved artist.

Frankly, we’re going to either go with an enitrely unknown object by an unknown entity or an art installation of some sort. It appears that back in 2001 a similar Space Odyssey like “monolith” appeared on Katie Hill in Seattle. At the time —- that piece was created by a group of displaced artists calling themselves “Some People.”

Not that we’re totally against the idea of other wordly visitors dropping off a bizarre gift to America —- it is the last thing 2020 needs to deliver to mankind is a sudden message from outerspace (chuckles.)



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