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Sidney Powell is a quack lawyer no matter how you spin it

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Sidney Powell — who has largely been disavowed even by the likes of the Trump Administration (that alone seems like an impossible task) is a quack. Powell, who miraculously emerged out of no where to allegedly help fight Trump ‘s false claims of election fraud literally has zero credibility but somehow still has a law license.

According to reports, Powell has once again emerged this time having filed election lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan. Many are wondering what exactly Powell thinks she is going to achieve with the lawsuits, er, considering Georgia at least is among the states that have already certified their votes.

The suits first appeared on Powell ‘s questionable website (click if you dare.) Amusingly, they’re riddled with a number of typos and her usual garble that nobody quite understands. Notably in one of the suits — she claims that the likes of China and Iran helped the Democrats unlawfully access the Dominion systems used in several states.

Strangely enough, Powell has already made a number of prominent enemies who have called her out for her logic and her inability to provide the proof she’s claiming fraud about. Tucker Carlson, of all people, recently led the criticism against Powell on national television.



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