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Purdue Pharma has plead guilty to 3 criminal charges, likely won’t face any real trouble

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The drug lords behind Oxycontin have pleaded guilty to 3 federal charges but likely won’t face any real accountability for their actions that have contributed to one of the worst crises America has ever seen. According to reports, Tuesday spelled D-Day for the company as they plead guilty to: impeding the efforts of the DEA to ensure there was a programme to stop the drug from landing on the black market; paying doctors to illegally write more scripts no matter what. It also pleaded guilty to providing misleading information to the DEA and the federal government about its drug and how it was meant to be used.

The charges come as part of a billion dollar settlement (which isn’t much considering the Sackler’s enormous wealth) into the company. The company must now pay fines and forefeitures but will only pay the government roughly $225m of the total $3.8B settlement. The company also will reportedly be dissolved into a different type of company in an effort to aide those most hurt by the monster like actions of the Sackler ‘s and their company.



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