In bizarre e-mail thread, Pornhub trashes petition efforts claims it has no standing

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This article is part of a series of joint investigations with our British sister site Daily News Online. Some of these investigations have been conducted undercover, others, have been conducted in the presence of those who know we are in fact journalists. Pornhub for several years has been accused of aiding and abetting human trafficking; rape, abuse, illicit videos, stolen content, and quite literally instances of missing women turning up on the platform raped for the world to see.

Some of the video’s on the world’s most trafficked adult website are in fact of consenting adults in depictions of otherwise fairly bizarre sexual acts. A quick search on the site turned up everything from stealthing; to taking the condom off, rough abuse, barely legal teenagers (a hot button issue for activists) and more.

EDITORS NOTE: During the publication of the first part of this series our British sister site engaged in an e-mail exchange with Pornhub ‘s PR team. In the exchange, Pornhub refused to address the controversial depictions and declined to comment on how they could improve their site to stop the assumption that even a video depicting something might in fact be illegal

Multiple times during the exchange, our British editors were repeatedly told that Pornhub has “state of the art mechanisms” in place to prevent content being uploaded that otherwise could be considered gross violations of morale code and the law. However, despite such protocools being in place it is quite publicly at that available that content of such kind has slipped through the radar in the last year alone.

This e-mail thread began with Pornhub being questioned as to how they determine whether or not depictions of acts like stealthing and teenage sex are in fact done with consenting adults and not minors/unsuspecting people as the captions and descriptions often claim.

Last October, for example, a young teenage girl turned up missing in Florida and was only found after her mother spotted her being raped in a series of Porn videos.

It doesn’t thus stop there. Simply typing in terms like “stealth”; “spy”, “spy cam”. “hidden”, “unwanted” and similar terms all turn up videos that depict otherwise acts of sexual violence or wrongdoings. In the e-mail exchange we mentioned above, Pornhub refused to address the fact that they allow these depictions to take place on their website — part of the reason why petition’s like this one even exist in the first place.

In the 21st century, porn is almost certainly going no where. However —- the depictions that caused Pornhub to now be investigated by at least 3 different countries; shut down in Thailand over violations of the country’s Computer Crimes Act of 2007, and so on are rightful cause of discussion. A discussion that for all intensive purposes Pornhub appears unwilling or unready to have.

When pressed on that matter in itself, Pornhub claimed that they have protocools in place that virtually make it impossible for things like such to appear on their website. In some instances while that may be present, it takes 5 minutes and a quick search to turn up a host of videos that would have even the brightest of minds questioning Pornhub as to whether or not they’re telling the truth.

It’s one thing for Pornhub to claim that they have protocools in place, er, it is another for the world’s biggest pornsite to outright act like people don’t have a right to question them solely based on the depictions they’ve allowed people to upload in their videos. There are territories and places in this world where acts and the depictions of things like stealthing and the like are in fact illegal.

So it truthfully is not quite that much of a shocker that people are finally beginning to question Pornhub about its practices and how exactly it is policing this content — because nobody truly believes that there isn’t at least a small handful of non-consensual videos on Pornhub today.

In the last noted e-mail exchange, Pornhub ‘s Ian claimed that the efforts on behalf of the Trafficking Campaign and that of Laila Mickelwaite are supposedly not in the name of stopping trafficking and so on — but instead to shut down the porn and sex working industries for what they imply is no reason at all.

As part of this investigation into Pornhub, we have begun talking to victims and those who have been significantly harmed by the site. We intend to air their stories despite the efforts by Pornhub to downplay their part in this crisis.



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