Battle brewing over who will take over the Department of Education next

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With Donald Trump formally having lost the election — that means even the likes of Betsy DeVos is on her way out. DeVos has long been a betrothed member of the Trump Administration because of her advocacy for vouchers over almost any form of other school; her relaxing the rules regarding reporting sexual assault on campus and such, and just generally the general dislike for her as a person.

Perhaps most notably, DeVos will be remembered as the Secretary that intentionally tried to bilk thousands of students out of a helluva lot of money in the name of holding up their forgiveness applications. Legally, U.S students and those closely related are entitled to apply for loan forgiveness in essence if they (for example) are scammed by their school.

Over the years, there have been a number of those issues that have arisen. ITT Technical Institute; Corinthian Colleges, the University of Phoenix, and more. All of those schools have either been forcibly closed by the government or outright fined hundreds of millions of dollars. DeVos has long been a firm believer in the schools over the students — often having attempted to force the students to pay one way or another.

Now with the incoming Biden administration (despite the differences over the transition process) DeVos is indefinitely on her way out. Career politicians; teachers, and even powerful education heads are gearing to attempt to take the spot. Like the Huff Post noted, it won’t be easy to procure because the spot need someone with compassion and experience and not deep ties to criminal enterprises and dark money.



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