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Moderna ‘s vaccine may be promising, but don’t jump just yet

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We say that with caution considering the vaccine was a slight bit rushed in production even given the national standards for a public health emergency. As Monday kicked off, news became public that Moderna has joined the ranks of those that may actually be producing a successful vaccine in a matter of months.

The vaccine however hasn’t really seen much researhc published and instead as some have called “scientific marketing.” However, Moderna claims that the vaccination would be upwards of 95% effective in combatting the Coronavirus compared to that of Pfizer.

However there’s one reported upside to Moderna ‘s compared to that of Pfizer ‘s. According to leading reports, Moderna ‘s can in fact be stored in standard fridges and still be palpable to administer to people. Pfizer, however, might struggle with that and considering the vaccine cannot live on without being cold that’s where a large part of the problem sits.

Moderna, also, is in track to win FDA approval and have more than 20m doses ready by year’s end.



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