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The new DACA rules have been invalidated for the most laughable reason

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Laughable in the sense that they were ever even put in place knowing that the man who did such wasn’t even legally appointed to his job. On Saturday, a federal judge in the United States ruled that the DACA rules put in place by Chad Wolf (the acting DHS Secretary) must be invalidated because he was not properly confirmed to the position by the appropriate chambers.

The ruling is a major blow to Trump ‘s immigration and anti Mexico policy that many have deemed to be racist. Certainly, Trump ‘s admin although outgoing is widely expected to appeal the ruling considering he has long sought to stop DACA in its tracks.

CNN reports that the judge (over this memo) ruled that he should’ve never been appointed to begin with. The ruling is ultimately subject to appeal if the US government chooses to do so — which remains unclear at this time.



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