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Biden advisers are debating a full national lockdown

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It’s a question that almost no other President-elect has ever faced and certainly won’t be an easy one. The incoming Biden administration is indeed flowing the idea of a national lockdown, however, the idea in itself is almost certainly an idea that a President wouldn’t be able to enact alone

The idea of a national lockdown was first proposed during the initial outbreak in America but largely ignored by the Trump Administration. It now comes as cases are soaring in almost every state; local lockdowns are re-emerging, and hospitalisations are through the roof. The “new wave” in America has arrived and there isn’t any telling if America will be able to keep it under control before Biden arrives.

It appears the idea comes from  Dr. Michael Osterholm, one of the newer members of Biden ‘s COVID team and overall administration. While proposed — we’d like to remind folks that this is not for certain as the criticism was swift as it was harsh. Michael originally proposed a 4-6 week lockdown and guaranteed financial assistance for families and individuals who would need it.

As many have noted already, the lockdown idea would require consistent support from local governments across America. That likely wouldn’t fly in deeply red places that often go against science and believe science typically is a “deep state” act against mankind.



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